The Case Against Gas-Powered Yard Machines

The snow has been gone for one day, truly, and I have heard every kind of gas-powered yard tool sold at Wal-Mart in the last 24 hours. Yesterday it was the lawn mower mulcher next door. Earlier it was some kind of gigantic blower thing. Now I hear a thing that sounds like a weed whacker chewing gravel. How could it be a weed whacker? The weeds are about half an inch high. People are nuts. If we're going to talk about decreasing world suck, this would be a good place to start. Do everything you can outside without the aid of a gas-powered machine. It will be good for the ozone layer and good for the peace and quiet of your neighborhood. [I just got up to see what was making the racket. It's a thing that looks like a BLOWER but it has a bag on one end so it must SUCK instead.] Here's a picture of it so you can avoid it. It's actually a leaf blower with a vacuum (suck) kit. A very portable way to annoy your neighbors. What a country.

I just looked at a blog done by two brothers who have agreed to not communicate with text for a year. They're going to make daily vidoes for each other and post them on the blog. The one today was a video of people with stuff on their heads....cats, computers, birds. That's what I love about blogs, they're so strange. Clearly, I should be more creative but going on a tirade about leaf blowers is about all I can muster.


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