So long, Bertrand Russell!

For Bert: A Poem

Here’s to Bert
Ye little shit
We’ve gathered round
The folks ye’ve bit.

Twenty pounds
Of blood and bones
Now ye’re in
These paw-shaped stones.

Ye won’t be bitin’ us
no more
So, journey on
To heaven’s shore.

And when ye reach the pearly gate
Don’t tell em how
ye used to growl and bait
and bare yer snaggly taith
And bite whoever dared come near
Ye snarly, cranky, foul-tempered wraith.

We’ll miss ye though
Ye ornery cur
Ye little sack
Of bitey fur.

We had a little memorial service for Bert last night. As planned, Regis tossed his ashes to the wind in the garden, we put the stepping stones by the path, and I read the poem. So, Bert's officially moved on to greener pastures.

It's raining here this morning and it would have been nice to sleep in. Rolling thunder, gentle rain...what a lullabye. Unfortunately, sleeping in for us is about 5 o'clock. We decided to get up and read the papers, then go to Hermie's for breakfast. We're having company again tonight for Father's Day but the house is clean and there isn't much cooking to do so I can take it easy today.


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